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PostSubject: Demons   Wed Apr 09, 2014 2:36 pm


Hell Rayzors;

  • Blackened eyes.
  • Mangled hands.
  • The power to sense ANYONE or ANYTHING through any amount of buildings, planes, or sheets of metal.
  • Perfect lairs.
  • Mostly graced with a good aim or fighting skills beyond maximum human skill.
  • Can read auras as well.
  • Possibility to be blind out of one or both eyes.
  • ::RARE:: The power to heal past most wounds, poisons and burns.
  • Can climb heights unknown to humans.
  • ::Rare:: Can speak different languages, talk through minds to humans, and bend the humans will to their very whim.

::Like Christophe and Alexander these demons can be very strong, sense people from miles upon miles away, hold the affinity for fire, shadow, or lightning [Or a combination of the three]And or a really rare ability to conduct their own body to host spikes from their skin, poisonous to the touch; Bold but rather cocky, hard headed and rare as HELL to find, some Hunger from fear, others eat as if they were normal human beings, the bad side is they can be conceived blind through both eyes; but have a heightened snake like sense of seeing things; or the ability like the Hell Rayzors to read peoples auras; but these demons do not have an aura of their own, no soul to read nor a heart to listen to; To drag this all down to basics, you better not piss ANY of them off, if you run into one that is.. Else your in for a world of hurt!:: (Rayzors & Shakaris are created by my good friend Darien.)

Incubus & Succubus;
:: Succubus and Incubus are Creatures of the night who feed on a humans or in some cases other supernaturals lust or Sexual Desire. These demons feed while the person is sleeping they are often called 'Sex demons' or 'Dream Demons' feeding on their desire in their sleep. In some, but rare cases an Incubus or Succubus who feed on enough sexual desire are able to manifest themselves into the real world through the person that are attached or feeding to. Succubus if people don't know is a female spirit while a Incubus is a male spirit and will feed on any gender who has Sexual Desire, while they feed their powers will grow stronger as seen above.::

  • Can manifest themselves into solid form.
  • Can enter a persons dreams.
  • Can 'Float' in the air.
  • Can seduce anyone they meet.

:: This is a demon who seems to terrorize people in their sleep by suffocating them in their sleep. This 'Nightmare' is usually a ghost or a demon and like the Succubus and Incubus he/she is able to change into a human form. While the demon is suffocating the person is unable to cry out and is paralyzed, aware of the frightening presence in the room. This demon is the agent of the underworld and is sent to the mortal realm in order to destroy their souls, at least that's what the mythology says.::

  • Cause Nightmares to humans.
  • Is able to steal a persons soul from their bodies.
  • Can sense fear.
  • Can also give people fear when they look in their eyes.

:: A Familiar is mostly associated with someone who does which craft or sorcery. A familiar like everyone thinks is an animal that leads and guides the Wiccan or Sorcerer along their magical path, but the familiar is also able to turn into human form. Familiar's are also animals who are dead and can speak with animals under the control of the master who, also hears what the animal has to say. There are a few ways for a Wiccan or Sorcerer to get their familiar by trying to contact them, and once they do they will be their guide, guardians and assistants.::

  • Can see the future.
  • Has a vast knowledge to answer any questions.
  • Has high magical power.
  • Are the dead inside of animals.

Fallen Angels;
:: Fallen Angels are angels whom have been exiled from heaven after committing a sin that heaven did not approve of. Due to this fallen angels seemed to gain a bit more darker abilities than the angels and their wings change from light to dark. In most cases fallen angels wings will change to black, blood red, and a dark gray. They also have a risk of falling into a full fledged demon, if they are not careful.::

  • Corruption or Darkness Manipulations.
  • Demonic Infusion.
  • Demonic Force Manipulations.
  • Morality Manipulation.
  • Sin Empowerment (Able to gain more power by someone's sin.)
  • Vice Inducement (Is able to bring out a persons worst sins)


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